Logging my memories

In an aim to simplify my life in 2010, I decided to combine my scrapping ideas, monthly round-up, diary and journal into one and so the Memory Logbook got put on my wishlist for Christmas 2009. My DH bought the printable version for me and it sits on my desk. After 10 months, I’m still using it, which is a ringing endorsement! I’m jotting down info about my baby’s routine, events and snippets of life for future journalling and being inspired by the weekly challenges. Want to know more?

The Log Your Memory mission is to provide tools, education, inspiration & support for those interested in documenting and sharing the stories of their “real life” through scrapbooking and/or journaling.

The busier & more full the life, the more there is to scrapbook … and the less time to get it done. Rather than hoping stories will be remembered or relying on an unorganized collection of calendars, notes & memorabilia, Log Your Memory offers a system for ensuring memories get documented – easily and consistently.

Our central product is our annual “Memory Logbook” … a datebook/planner consisting of daily and monthly calendar pages, weekly challenge prompts, examples of “real life” layouts, a variety of questionnaires, and lots of room to jot down memories or sketch ideas, all designed to help busy scrapbookers focus on the everyday memories, experiences & pieces of life they most want recorded for future generations, but may not have time to immediately scrapbook. With this information conveniently documented all in one place, it is easily accessible when there IS time to scrap … a wonderful tool to help “jog” the memory and get the creative juices flowing.

Supporting the logbook and the “real life” scrapbooking mission is the Log Your Memory online community at www.LogYourMemory.com.

I thought I’d let you all know about the community too, it’s full of paper and digi scrappers from all over the world! A fun place to hang out.

How do you record bits of life for your scrapping? I love having an all in one tool to help me capture the little things.


Get Your Digi Game On

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PS This post first appeared on the mgl Scraps CT blog

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