The Paperclipping Digishow Rocks!

If you enjoy digi-scrapping or are interested in learning more about digital scrapbooking you should listen to the Paperclipping Digi Show podcast. It is a fun and informative show, hosted by Steph from the Daily Digi and this week Izzy took his teasing of Katie the Scrapbook lady to the next level…. I’ll let Steph explain!

Fridays are so much fun around The Daily Digi, and this one is pretty funny too! I’m not even sure if I should type the title of this week’s Paperclipping Digi Show podcast? Ok, Izzy named it “Katie the Profanity Lady” – lol! :DYou have to listen to the whole thing to understand why.

The entire podcast was devoted to answering listener questions so it ended up being a really interesting discussion about several different topics. Be sure to leave your own comments after listening – you never know when they will influence a future episode!


If you listen in iTunes (and subscribe), it helps us keep track of the size of our audience.  Izzy has a video on his site explaining how to do that OR you can see our tutorial with screenshots:

Tutorial for Listening in iTunes

You can join in the discussion about the show after listening if you want.  You can listen here, subscribe in iTunes, or subscribe through our RSS feed.


Quoted from TDD site

I have to admit I’ve been slow to start listening to podcasts, but I really enjoy them now, it’s just like having a customised radio station on while I do the housework! Do you enjoy podcasts?

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