Hannah has Hope

Meet Hannah, an inspiring friend of mine, who is about to spend the rest of the year in Cambodia. As I was scrapping with this month’s Songbird Avenue kit, it inspired me to think of Hannah, and we on the creative team would love to let you know about her.

Why would a 24 year old, artist, chaplain and surf rat farewell the golden sands of Australia for the steaming jungles of Cambodia?

Because Hannah has hope.  She hopes young girls who have been sexually abused and exploited can be healed and empowered.  She hopes that one person really can make a difference.  She hopes that strangers around the world will help support her.

Armed with a camera, laptop, a passion for social justice and a reckless sense of adventure, Hannah invites you to come along for the ride…

Here are some ways you can help Hannah throughout 2010:

  • Put your hands together and pray– click here for latest prayer requests.
  • Become Hannah’s pen friend – or ‘e-friend’ to be more accurate.  Email her encouragement, brownie recipes, amusing jokes and pictures of the ocean.  Ask Hannah to put you on her mailing list and stay updated on her adventures.
  • Party with Hannah and her friends – come to a fundraising event before Hannah leaves and to the fabulous festivities that are to come throughout the year. Here’s the latest event!
  • Buy some art– your friends will think you’re cool.  All proceeds from the sale of Hannah’s art will go towards her living expenses and supplies. Click here to see what’s on sale now.
  • Make a donation– Hannah’s paypal link is on her site.

I’m so in awe of what Hannah’s doing and hope that you feel inspired to scrap a little about the amazing people in your life!

PS Love the kit? Check out Songbird Avenue!

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