May Update

I’m going really well pregnancy wise but I’ve had a cold so that’s been annoying. I saw the doctor yesterday and all looks good for the baby to arrive soon (head’s engaged etc). I’ve been some walking in an attempt to help it on it’s way! Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

My parents are up for the long weekend so hopefully ‘Pebble’ may even arrive a little early.

We’ve pretty much had everything ready for the last week or so, Phill’s still working on renovating the cot that I and my brothers and sisters had. Yes, it is practically a family heirloom now! We do have a bassinette for the first couple of months. We are both pretty keen for the baby to arrive now, so I’m trying to keep myself occupied with little bits and pieces to do at home.

I’m really excited to be an aunty – our first nephew Jake was born on the 12th (I got to see him as we were in Perth for Phill’s work) – Daniel and Amberley’s precious new boy is so adorable! A couple of other friends from church had babies on the 14th and 19th and one of Phill’s engineering mates had their baby on the 23rd so it’s all go on the baby front!

I guess next time I blog, it will be to let you know of our happy news – each day is a day closer to the arrival!

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