Monica’s Madness Challenge

Check out this cool challenge from Kerry at our CT blog

OK ladies-

One week is all it is gonna cost you. One week is all it is gonna take to create the madness layout. Everyday you will be required to come visit us. (hahahaha)

Come to the blog on a daily basis and see what new goodies you are allowed to add to your layout. You are only allowed to add exactly what we specify in the daily madness. No cheating!!!! Once you put it on the layout it must stay exactly there…no moving or replacing is allowed. See why it is maddening….you never know what is next….

You must link all 6 of the previous layouts in the credits of the final layout in order to qualify for the prize. Of course, you get extra kudos for using at least 75% mgl Scraps products. We will be playing on your honor that you are actually playing every day!!!!!

Final layout due date is April 30!!!!!

The prize for the winner will be a $10 GC to mgl Scrap’s store!!!!!!

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