Remembering our Christmas Traditions



I’ve been thinking about what made my Christmas special as a child:

  • One new Christmas decoration Mum would buy each year
  • Putting up the Christmas tree on December 1 while listening to the cricket on the radio/TV
  • Putting up Christmas lights on the house
  • Opening doors on the advent calendar (nope – no chocolate just a picture behind each door)
  • Wrapping presents on Christmas Eve (to avoid any poking or prodding)
  • Opening some little gifts from Father Christmas from our personal red felt stocking to keep us amused and leaving Mum and Dad to sleep peacefully!
  • Mini cereal boxes for breakky on Christmas morning
  • Waiting until after Church on Christmas day to unwrap the presents
  • In later years, going to a Christmas eve service and coming home to a midnight snack of hot chips!
  • Grandma’s roasted stuffed sausagemeat
  • Backyard cricket on Christmas day
  • Catching up with the family
  • Watching the Boxing Day test (OK did I mention we are a cricket loving family?)
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