Lefties Rule!

Ok, so I’m left handed, but did you know that I descend from the famous clan of left-handers??

There’s an interesting article here: Are you Kerr-handed?

kerrancient1Theories on Left-handedness and Laterality

For example, the Kerr clan of Scotland is infamous for their predisposition towards left-handedness. 3 This feature, known by the Kerr as being "Corry Fisted" or "Kerr-Handed" can be understood as a culturally reinforced trait that was supposed to aid these Scottish warriors in methods of warfare. Due to their common gene pool, however, this trait can also be understood a genetic characteristic of the Kerr clan.

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2 Responses to Lefties Rule!

  1. usns says:

    cool fact!

  2. Unknown says:

    Interesting article!

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