Little Shed, Retic, 6 months and Earthquakes

Hi everyone

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged so I thought I’d let you know what’s been happening. It is definitely spring out here. Would you believe I’ve got a tan already!! I have managed to get it from the 15mins I spend in the sun weatering the plants. Ok well it is a tan for me anyway. It’s been hot for the last couple of weeks, not so bad today.

You may have heard rumours about us looking to buy a bigger house out here, as we are settling in quite nicely. Anyway, we’ve been looking for a month or so and we have bought a 1992 brick veneer 4×2 home in Hannans (north end of town – just a bit further than where we are now – in a good street. We’ll probably move in January as we want to repaint and recarpet the place before we move in. We are visiting Perth 3 times in the next 6 weeks plus we’ll be painting and recarpeting our new home before we move in so it will be very busy! But it all good.

Phill is a wonder with all the handyman stuff around the house – we’ve just done the reticulation and totally renovated the little shed. My job was the plastering and painting. I’ve even done the skirting boards and door and window frames in high gloss paint. How brave am I? There are lots of photos on our Picasa site – message me for the URL.

We’ve just celebrated 6 months married and it has gone fast!

In other random news – we had 2 earthquakes the other night (at about 10pm) they measured around  2.3 in the Richter scale.

Hope you are all doing well

🙂 Love and blessings

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