Life in Kal

Good news – we got through the shutdown fine and in the last month have had lots of visitors! We’ve just had Phill’s parents and his younger sister Liz for the weekend, so that has been fun.


We are having the electrician come and put power in our little shed (also known as my art room) on Wednesday which will be very exciting and then Phill will spend the long weekend putting up a gyprock ceiling and walls and shelves for our storage needs. Fun! (I love having a handy husband!)


We are just starting on the garden and have put in a few plants too – the same sort of daisies that survived last summer with no water J but I am watering them now and Phill will put the reticulation in soon.


We’ve also had my Nan and Pop visit, also Daniel and Amberley (brother and sister in law) have bought an investment property out here so they some over to visit also. My very big oven got a workout with cooking for a 5 young women cooking for a friends engagement party. That was a fun day! Thankfully all of the recipes turned out especially as we did some without a trial run!!


I tell you what, we never have a dull moment here as all our friends from church have been inviting us to their parties/ over for tea etc, I’ve even going to do some scrapbooking with some of the girls this week! Still enjoying Kalgoorlie life J

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