New toys :)

In the last two days we’ve got some new toys. Firstly, after deliberation, we decided to purchase a new car for Phill to drive to work. Now please don’t shoot me, but it is a Holden… Barina… brand new too, and we are very happy with as it will be a nice economical car to run.

Because I’m on the insurance policy and SGIO are having a women drivers promotion I get a stack of freebies and a 12mth magazine subscription so that was cool too. Can’t wait for that to arrive.

Secondly, I ordered my Yamaha DGX-620 keyboard from Park Pianos on Thursday and it arrived today! At 8am, when I was asleep in bed (Phill’s working 6:390 till 6:30 for 14 days!). The lady needed help bringing it in so I had to go out in my jammies, slippers and coat! Eek!

I’m not really a concert pianist, so I think it would be more than what I’d need, with graded hammer and weighted keys, it sounds great. It is portable, as in it can be moved, but it still heavy  25kgs! This model was released in 2006 (compared to the Motif that was released in 2001) so it is pretty good on the technology front. I just plugged in the USB cable and it can now be used as my MIDI device.

It took me about an hour to unpack it and make the stand up all by myself and I’ve already go it to transfer songs from the PC, so that is great.

Sorry it you didn’t understand all the jargon, just put it in there for those who are interest.

Hope to hear from you sometime…

Love Melissa 

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2 Responses to New toys :)

  1. vivian。 says:

    I am a Chinese girl.
    I want to get friends in MSN all over the world.
    Would you mind get friend with me??
    Welcome to my space,welcome!  

  2. John says:

    For a second there I thought that the Barina came in the box. I like the piano, but can\’t say the same about the car…

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