Update from Kalgoorlie

For our honeymoon we spent 2 ½ weeks in Queensland and it was fantastic, at Dunk island we has a bit of rain, but because it was about 28-30 we could still explore the island, eat gorgeous 23 course meals every night  in they un-walled (is that a word?) restaurant (with plenty of geckos) go jet skiing, hike to the top of Mt Kootaloo and check out Muggy Muggy Beach. Though I have to say our beaches in Perth are 100 times better! We had the best view in our suite, right on the beach. We also had orange footed scrub fowl building a nest mound right near us, they were really cute.

In Cairns we checked out the lagoon, which was right outside the hotel we stayed at, checked out the local dining, casino and the Wildlife Dome (http://www.cairnsdome.com.au/) which is a mini zoo on the top of the casino with a 4m croc in there too! We got a photo with a koala there.

We also went to Port Douglas then on a big cat out to 3 locations in the Agincourt Ribbon Reef, a day trip to Kuranda (http://www.kuranda.org/ Scenic Railway up, coach down, as the Skyrail wasn’t running – we went to all the animal attractions, Butterfly Sanctuary, Bird World and the Koala Garden – which has all various native animals, not just koalas!), a day tour to Mossman Gorge, Cape Tribulation and a Daintree River boat ride.

I’m still keeping busy here in Kalgoorlie with a lot of organising of the house, settling in and trying to get used to the early, very cold starts here (Phill gets up at 6 – which is early for me! Especially after 30 degrees for the whole honeymoon in Far North Queensland!). We have reverse cycle air-con, but it’s still cold in the mornings. By lunchtime it’s quite nice and sunny and warm. But I miss summer, though apparently I should not be saying that too loudly! 🙂

One exciting purchase for our home was a Kenwood mixer, and this makes me sound really domesticated, but I was so happy to get it!! It is something I really wanted since Mum and Grandma Kerr always had one and I think they are fantastic (good for home made pasties! 🙂 Yum!).

On Saturday the 16th I wore my bridesmaid’s dress (from Ky’s wedding) and went to the women’s Satin, Lace and Cake night at church was amazing, they had filled the church with tables set up with antique and pretty cups, cake stands. It was amazing! They pre-event drinks in the fully decked out foyer had a parade of wedding dresses from the past 30years and anecdotes to go with it, photos and videos from weddings plus a couple of speakers, a cutting of the cake. Was heaps of fun!

I’m keeping my eye out for a job too, so plenty to keep me going.. I’ve not been homesick yet, but we are back in Perth on the weekend to visit with my Uncle and Aunt as they are over from Wagga Wagga. They’ve not met Phill and it will also be a chance to pick up wedding presents. We may not get to see too many people as it’s only a weekend and we want to spend some time with the family– Phill’s had heaps of time off this year so not too many trips back have been planned.

I am loving being married and seeing Phill every day (which is still a bit of a novelty!)

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