51 days to go

Invitations are posted, and I’ve just had my hair trial and things are slowly falling into place with the wedding.
I’m so excited to see the bridesmaids dresses 2nd fitting on the 27th of March – we designed them and they are being made by Cupid’s Bridal (who are also doing my dress). We only saw the lining on the 1st fitting, so I’m very excited to see them more finished!
My dress is being made by Cupid’s as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see it is basically finished, as they had a delay with the material coming. I’ve ordered my veil and I have my final fitting on the 16th of April. I’m really happy with it – it’s really pretty
As for our little home in Kal. Phill is busy busy working on the smaller of our 2 sheds putting in a new window, door and floor. We’ve just got a dresser (buffet/hutch) for the dining room, which is filled to overflowing with engagement pressies. We also got a table, and a little corner entertainment unit. Now for the sofas… I was supposed to help Phill selelect them when I was in Kal for the long weekend. But I was sick and was in Perth
In case you haven’t heard I got glandular fever (plus sinusitis on the side!) at the end of Feb, I am slowly recovering but prayers would be appreciated. I’m not likely to be back at work until at least the 19th of March! Not fun, slowly getting better but I’m tired of waking up in the night!
Love to you all.
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