J Eddis Linton Award

I also got an Australasia-wide Records Management Award this year..

Details of 2006 Award Recipients for Presentation – J Eddis Linton Award
The J Eddis Linton Awards were introduced in 2000 to recognize outstanding contributions to the records management industry in three categories, being Student, Individual and Group. They are generously sponsored by the RMAA’s Queensland Branch. The number and quality of nominees received this year was heartening, so good in fact that the judging committee and the RMAA Board agreed to award two Group awards.

Student – Melissa Okely
Melissa Okely (WA) completed her qualifications in 2005, obtaining a double degree Bachelor of Science (Communication & Information Technology) and Bachelor of Science (Library Technology). She obtained a course average of 82.75% (High Distinction) and was awarded the Australian Library and Information Association Prize for Undergraduate Librarianship as graduating student with the highest course weighted average. In addition she won the ASA’s Mander Jones Award (Student Category) in September 2003 and the Golden Key International Honour Society (New Member Undergraduate Scholarship) in November 2001. Whilst studying Melissa also worked in the Library, Records and Archives fields at University of Western Australia and State Library of Western Australia. Melissa has demonstrated an outstanding achievement in her studies and an ongoing commitment to the industry. Melissa was thrilled to win the award but unfortunately could not make it to Cairns to accept it personally due to other commitments.


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3 Responses to J Eddis Linton Award

  1. CJ says:

    think they could have given you a ticket to Cairns 🙂
    Congratulations Melissa!

  2. Melissa says:

    They did give me a ticket to Cairns – but Phill was having an operation two days before I\’d need to leave, I had already booked annual leave to spend time with him. (He ended up proposing 3 days before I was to leave). Also I was speaking at the ALIA conference on the day after I would have got back. Love M

  3. Kyleigh says:

    Still don\’t see why you could\’t have gone, Phill still would have been here when you got back!

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