Australia rocks Japan 3-1

Yes Mel has gone soccer mad. Cahill rocks!! Our first ever world cup win!
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5 Responses to Australia rocks Japan 3-1

  1. Kyleigh says:

    I did try to post a comment about the soccer game and it didn\’t work!

  2. Kyleigh says:

    Anyway, we went to Champions Bar at Burswood to watch.
    We were too late to get a seat though, it was packed. I\’d worked at a conference at school all day and my feet were absolutely killing me, I could barely stand up. I lasted the first half and then we had to leave, I was in so much pain. And the door to the smoker\’s room kept being opened and we were near it – the stench was horrible. We watched the second half from home. We are aiming to be back there for the next game – and this time get there early and hope for a seat – hopefully on the comfy lounge!

  3. Melissa says:

    It did work 🙂 I simply watched it at home lol…

  4. Kyleigh says:

    Yeah, that comment worked but not the one I tried to post the day before 🙂
    We went and watched the Aussie v Brazil game at Leedervill Hotel. We got there about 10pm and went upstairs where we snagged a spot on a couch. I lasted pretty well all Monday, but unfortunately we had to go out a bit that night and Russ barely made it home – he was in bed nearly asleep at 9.15! Not sure what we are going to for the next game!
    Thanks for the birthday card, it was a hoot!

  5. Il Gazo says:

    Italy rocks Australia 1-0 ihihih!!!
    In Italy we said that Australia played very well. Congratulations

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