Blonde girl saves the day

Well I didn’t but I thought the subject line would grab your attention! He he

OK I’ve gone and done a ½ head of foils and I’m now “fully blonde.” Well not quite platinum, but it is quite a bit lighter than the 4 months of regrowth I used to have.

Last Saturday was a full on day – 9am hair appointment in Midland, shopping at Centrepoint then sussing out the redeveloped Midland Gate, I just love that shopping centre. Then at 2pm I had my hair trial for Kyleigh’s wedding at Gatsby. Ky brought my bridesmaid dress – so that was very exciting

Then I went to my friend’s 21st in Mullaloo on Saturday night. Mum had viral labyrinthitis so was bedridden for a couple of days, so I helped out with the shopping and stayed home with her on Sunday morning, but she’s mostly recovered now.

I got to wear my crazy high shoes on stage on Sunday night (they a bit like these one 🙂 – except goldy/bronze and strappier with no closed in heel), the comments could be summed up by Jess “Well Melissa, you hardly need to make yourself taller” but I love them  . Actually most people are just amazed I can walk! Lol

I hope you had a nice week   After I get the fumes out of my head I’ll be just fine

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